Q. How Do I Register?
A. From the AA PRO home page (www.aa-pro.com), click "Create Account". Complete the form and click "submit" at the bottom of the page.
Q. Why Do You Need This Information?
A. We need you to provide basic registration information so that we can easily notify you with reviews and approvals of your submissions. By registering once, you can simplify the process of submitting future requests, and you can easily check on the status of your current requests.
Q. Who can use AA-PRO?
A Any organization or individual soliciting sponsorship from American Airlines or American Eagle for a charitable or community event, or to partner with an organization in a promotional program. NOTE: AA-Pro is only for the organizations in the United States, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, or Canada. If the request comes from outside of these areas, please contact the American Airlines Sales office in your country.
Q. How Do I Submit A Proposal?
A After you register, click on the "New Proposal" link. Just follow the directions on the form to submit your proposal online. You can also attach supporting documents to your submission.
Q. How Far In Advance Do I Need To Submit A Proposal?
A We require eight weeks from the date of your event or activity to fully evaluate your request. You can submit a proposal with less than eight weeks’ notice, but note that it will most likely be quickly declined.
Q. How Long Does It Take For You To Review My Proposal?
A We typically review proposals within eight weeks. Some proposals may be automatically declined (see guidelines). You can always check on the status of your proposal online under the "Review Proposals" tab.
Q. Can I Re-submit My Proposal?
A Yes, as long as you revise it to address our concerns. Some proposals are automatically declined because they do not meet AA’s brand standards or promotional guidelines. If your proposal does not meet our guidelines based on dollar value, you may decide to offer additional value or advertising opportunities. Any proposals submitted and revised more than three times will automatically be rejected.
Q. Can I Submit More Than One Proposal?
A Yes, but note that similar or duplicate proposals will be automatically declined.
Ready to submit a proposal? Be sure to register or login.
Q. How Can I Retrieve My Password?
A Click on "Contact Us" in the left navigation, then click on "Send Me My Password". Then you must enter your registered email address and click "Submit". Your password will be automatically emailed to you.
Q. What Should I Do If I Experience Technical Problems?
A There are two steps you can take to improve the performance of AA PRO: Delete Temporary Internet Files and Cookies and Install The Latest Version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you still continue to have problems, Contact Us.
Q. What is an EIN and why do I need to provide it?
A An EIN is the federal Employer Identification Number used by the IRS to identify businesses and/or non-profit organizations. The IRS assigns this nine-digit number in the following format: XX-XXXXXXX. All organizations requesting support from American Airlines are required to submit a valid EIN. The EIN helps American Airlines identify and manage the organizations and programs we support. This applies to the United States only.
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